We are VBA Macro experts. Do you spend time doing the same manual steps over and over? Do you love your Excel file, but just wish it could do XYZ? We write custom macros to automate spreadsheets. We can add macros to your existing file or create new, custom Excel files for you.

Experienced Excel programmers can combine Excel’s native functionality with VBA code to produce amazing results. We get asked every day, “Can you do XYZ in Excel?” The answer is almost always “YES!” If you can define the rule or pattern or logic, we can program Excel to do it.

Import a text file, import another text file, combine the two linking on a column, delete rows with certain values in column C, explode out multiple rows for any change in column D, shade cells based on logic, insert formatting, then loop through filtering on values in col A saving each result set as a pdf file, and email to the email in column B, with custom subject line text for each email defined in a mapping table in separate sheet? Piece of cake!

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Companies trust us to write custom software to run specific business processes. Utilizing the user friendly native capabilities of Excel, we can design and build applications that work exactly the way you want. User forms, add-ins, custom ribbons, COM objects. We are experienced in them all.

We are big on Microsoft Access (we also operate sister site and can advise you whether Excel is the right platform for your application, but we love developing in Excel. We have helped many companies minimize their expense by building out Excel processes into custom applications.

Excel’s grid style format is intuitive for so many users, and combining with VBA, we can program Excel to work like any customized business software would. We can format Excel to look like a web program by hiding menu’s, scroll bars, and sheet tabs and set up custom navigation and forms to control the user experience.

Quickbooks, Salesforce, MS SQL, Oracle, SAP. We can pull data from other systems for reporting or fully integrate Access into other systems through ODBC, API’s, or custom development.

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You have a lot of data, but you don’t know what to do with it? We have helped many clients create eye popping dashboards that turn disorganized data into actionable metrics. We are SQL experts that can help you pull data from different systems into Excel for enterprise level reporting projects.

The problem with most Business Intelligence tools are that THEY ARE NOT EXCEL. Everyone wants their data in Excel. Everyone has Excel. Use Excel’s powerful functionality and our ability to program and automate to build the dashboards and reports you need.

KPI’s and data visualization are a passion for us. Tell us what you need and we will take all the hassle out of your next project. Urgent deadline? No problem, we can help.

Since we are experts in Access and database systems (we also operate sister site, we can integrate data from multiple systems and sources to come together in Excel for reporting.

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Sometimes you just need help with a formula. Our minimum charge is one hour, which may seem too steep for some folks to pay $90 for a quick formula fix. But for many of our clients, our hourly rate is a small price to pay for the dependability and quality we offer.

Vlookup, sumifs, indirect, match/index? No formula is too complex for us to crack. VBA code is nice when you need it, but Excel formulas are usually the most efficient way to do things. Pro formas, financial modeling, and loan amortizations are an important part of our portfolio.

Our consultants are business people turned programmers. We can help you with Excel financial modeling in a way most other programmers can’t. We can do things like help you create a highly specialized forecasting model, create a statistical model to manage inventory, or a cash flow model to make your business plan more robust.

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