Powerpoint is a popular presentation tool. It’s very common for companies to create charts and tables in Excel, then want to move this to a Powerpoint presentation. Powerpoint allows you to copy/paste the entire chart into a .ppt file from Excel, storing the source data in a hidden

I created three simple buttons to be able to create a PowerPoint presentation:

One for Excel, allows him to choose the Excel file

One for PowerPoint, to choose the PPT template type

One button to update all the information and move to Powerpoint

The tool I created for him was a life saver. Before he called, it was taking him several hours to update his Powerpoint presentation, every time he made changes in Excel. My tool does this in just seconds.


It’s great to hear clients give you gushing praise for how much time your work saves them. For this project, VBA code is utilized to automate the transfer from Excel to Powerpoint.   The VBA code is very fast and will run on any version of Microsoft Office. Here is a sample of some of the code.

Sub SetSlide24(ObjPresentation As Object)


   Set objSlide = ObjPresentation.Slides(24)

   Application.CutCopyMode = False





   Set objShape = objSlide.Shapes(objSlide.Shapes.Count)



   Set objShape2 = objSlide.Shapes(objSlide.Shapes.Count)

   objShape.Left = 37

   objShape.Top = 158

   objShape2.Left = 366

   objShape2.Top = 158


End Sub

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